Monday, 9 March 2015

Windows, Android, Apple Security at Risk Under Decades Old FREAK Security Flaw

Windows and Android security has often been a let down on many occasions. Usually reliable, Apple security, has also taken some beatings as well. Windows, Android and Apple security have many of their own and specific flaws and attacks to deal with, but the list of common issues for them is short. FREAK security flaw is the latest addition in this short list.

Factoring Attack on RSA-EXPORT Keys or FREAK security flaw is an error that allows the attacker to decrypt the HTTPS protection. The flaw was initially found to be exploiting devices protected with Android security or Apple security. Later, Microsoft declared the FREAK security flaw can equally exploit the Windows powered devices as well. An shocking revelation is that discovered FREAK security flaw is more than a decade old and many attackers might have troubled websites with it.

HTTPS encryption is being used by several website and most of them lies in the list of ‘most-visited’ websites. Hence, all of them are susceptible to FREAK based attack, no matters if they are run on any of Macintosh, iOS, Windows, Android or any other device. The data traveling between the websites can be decrypted using this attack. The fix is promised to be worked upon by experts in cyber security.

 Discovery of old flaws is not new in the world of computer and, like many others, this errors will certainly be fixed later, if not sooner. But it has added some questions over how diverse the mode of attacks and flaws can be. Nearly everyone who is claimed to expert with Android security or Apple security has been found awestruck with this flaw.  

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