Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Chrome Security Update Warns Against Sneaky Software Downloads as Well as Malware

Google has been working firmly with its web services to make internet a safer place for the users. Adding further to this approach, Google released a security update with Chrome to warn the users against sneaky software and malware downloads. This security update for Chrome web browser is especially beneficial for those who work on unprotected (without installing antivirus) devices.

This security update will allow Chrome to keep a track on the webpages (websites) that you visit. It will track if there is any malicious software (malware) trying to gain access to your device. Some of the malware arrive hidden within other software. With this update, Chrome will be warning you on noticing any such activity while surfing. However, Chrome will only display a warning page and user will have the authority to go with the warning and cancel the visit to the webpage, or else decline the warning and go to the webpage.

By default, this feature will arrive in newer versions of Chrome. However, existing users can either enable ‘auto-update’ for Chrome or they can check for the updates manually from Chrome Menu. In order to allow the warning of sneaky software or malware activities, user must make sure that phishing and malware protection remains enabled in the ‘Privacy’ settings.

 Chrome is one of the most used web browsers in the world. But the recent news about the launch of Spartan web browser with Windows 10 has shaken the dream of Google’s Chrome to become the most used. Well, the fight between Google and Microsoft seems to never-ending, but it keeps them on their toes to deliver better for the users. This security update will make developers at Microsoft to bring something similar or even better in Spartan. Other than Chrome, there are some more browsers like- Firefox, which offer almost similar feature. However, with a very large number of users and data availability, Google is likely to deliver more secure environment for web browsing and Spartan seems to be only real competitor possible.

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