Wednesday, 11 February 2015

WhatsApp tips- How to secure personal chats?

As the universe of smartphones is expanding with each passing day, many social apps are launching each day with uniques features. However, most of them have failed to dent any mark on market domination of Facebook owned, WhatsApp, instant messaging application.

Recently, the app owner announced that the app has over 700 million active users, who exchange 30 billion messages every month. This number appears more alarming the lights that many hackers and scammers continuously targeting the app users to track their chats. Though WhatsApp itself has proved to be a secure place to chat, if you ignore some minute flaws that every software owns. The company is very active at mending them as well. However, as an individual user of WhatsApp, there might be huge risk pertaining on your personal chats.

Users can use social applications freely by taking some important precautions so as to secure their private info, chats, details etc from the scammers and hackers. As for WhatsApp, there are some easy and useful tips for the users for safeguarding their personal things from others.

Following are the virtual life saving tips for WhatsApp users:

Always Lock Your WhatsApp: Though WhatsApp does not provide any built-in lock option but their is not shortage of third-party apps that can come to your rescue. Such WhatsApp locking applications are very helpful specially in case your device is lost or stolen. Locking WhatsApp makes your WhatsApp account inaccessible to others on the particular device. There are countless Android Apps to serve the cause, like: Messenger and Chat Lock, Lock for WhatsApp, Secure Chat, etc.

Deactivate Your WhatsApp Account if You Lost Your Phone- This has to be done by the user at priority. In case, your phone is lost or stolen, just regain your SIM card from your service provider and immediately switch to your WhatsApp using another handset. One WhatsApp account runs only on one phone number and on one handset at a time. So, by switching account to another device will save all your chats from other’s hands. Now you can deactivate the WhatsApp account on the new device if is not your own.

Set your Profile Picture to Contacts only- In WhatsApp, your profile picture can be saved by anyone who has the permissions to view them. Needless to mention, the downloaded image can be used to find your details on search engines like Google. If your WhatsApp profile picture is available on your social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc., the task for tracking you details becomes even simpler. So secure your Profile Photos just go to Privacy Settings, select Profile Picture option and click on Contacts Only. Now your Profile Photo is secure.

Always log-out from WhatsApp's web version after your chat session- If you use WhatsApp's Web/Desktop version to chat with your contacts, then don't forget to logout after your chat session from the device you are using. WhatsApp for Web doesn't stop working on its own, you will be online from device you are using even if you are out with your phone.

Beware of scams and frauds- Don't ever respond to messages with attractive schemes from unknown numbers. WhatsApp never send emails about chats, voice messages, payment, changes, photos, or videos, unless you ask them through email for their help. Anything that is encouraging you to follow links in order to secure your account is most likely a scam.

Refrain yourself from sharing vital information to your Contacts- This tip is essential and applies to all social and digital media platforms. Don’t share your personal information like your bank details, social security or credit card details, or your passport or other identification details to anyone unless it is too urgent.

Secure yourself from virtual stalking- You can be stalked by your obsessed WhatsApp's contacts or your boss/colleague might check whether you are doing work or using WhatsApp. This can easily be done by any WhatsApp user by just checking out 'Last seen' time of your apps' account. You can dodge them just by going to Privacy Setting of your WhatsApp and select last seen option with 'No One'.   

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