Monday, 9 February 2015

Safeguard Your PC with Little Extra Cautiousness Beware of Scammers, Ripoffs and Frauds

Computer and laptop need regular technical support services for maintenance, performance optimization and to work efficiently. To help PC users on this purpose many tech support services are there in the market with end number of features and services on offer. But with the genuine tech support brands exist cons, frauds, etc. in the virtual market.

With the steep rise in demand for tech support, the scammers target customers to take advantage of their helplessness and naive behavior. The tech support frauds usually target customers on phone and introduce themselves as executive of one of the reputed tech support firm.

One of the usual method adopted by the scammers is attracting the customer to enthralling offers at surprisingly low prices on different software support. These offers are presented as ‘very short period’ offer and for limited users. Tempted by the offers, some customers end up giving their personal details and thus, lose their data and/or hard earned money for nothing.

Another method that scammers are known to follow is scaring customers about their computers/laptops malfunction and persuading them to connect them to their PCs on pretext of troubleshooting the problem in return of some remuneration. But by the time a customer gets to know the reality that he got conned, tech support frauds escape with customer's confidential data and money.

Another form of tech support con is through emails. Customers generally get promotional emails offering high-end services on cheap rates and they respond these emails with their personal data. As a result they get cheated by the frauds/cons. Such emails may also provide the phishing link, malware, etc. to grab the customer’s details.

In almost all the cases, victims of tech support frauds are often approached on the name of a branded company. So, victims try to contact the company, on whose name they were conned, to ask them for reimbursements. It is only then that they get know that they have been scammed by someone else and the company has nothing to do with it.

Innocent customers who get victimized by the cyber frauds who misuse the names of top notch firms may even sue the firm and because of this the image of a legitimate firm gets tarnished. So, one must keep a few tips in mind to use, when they are contacted by any tech support service, such as:

  • Customer must visit official website of the company to check the contact details and the authenticity of the caller.
  • If possible, call on the number available on the official website of the company to verify the legitimacy of the scheme proposed by the caller.
  • Be aware that most of the genuine firms don't call or contact customers on their own for sales purpose, unless a customer asks for it.
  • Genuine brands call or send emails to the customers only for feedback and preventive maintenance services, which do not require the customer to disclose their details.
  • Never entertain an email sent from personal email id in case it is in reference to offering tech support help.
  • Never disclose your bank details without confirming the legitimacy of the caller.
  • Before making any payment ask for a legitimate contract that reflects the company details, services rendered and the time period for which the services are rendered.
  • Never get your money transferred in any one`s personal account.
  • Always make sure that the payment gateway is a trusted one.

There can be end number of precautions one need to take before trusting anyone. However, the chances of getting befooled or gyped can be minimized by staying a little extra conscious.

This blog is in favor of each customer across the globe and a selfless effort from Live PC Expert ( to educate them against frauds, ripoffs and scams.

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