Friday, 20 February 2015

Microsoft will Charge Double For Windows XP’s Custom Support

Last year in April 2014, on the eve of 13th anniversary of one of the most successful and revolutionary operating system, Windows XP, Microsoft ended software support to the Windows XP except to commercial users. The company only allowed extension of software support for three more years to business organizations using Windows XP in return of a fee. But the lovers of this excellent product have a tough time ahead as Microsoft will charge double for Windows XP’s custom support.

Presently, a business organization using software support for Windows XP shells out $200 annually for each PC making. Now the pricing for the second-year support will rise to $500. What could be even more troubling for businesses it that for the final year of custom support price will be $1,000. Trusting the reports, the rate will double for the bulk devices support as well. Currently, Microsoft charges a business for maximum of 1,250 devices. The support for PCs above 1,250 is free. So, a business entity pays $250,000 for custom Windows XP support for PCs more than 1,250. The number will proportionally double to a whopping $500,000.

Rise in pricing of the support will make enterprises think actively for the operating system upgradation. With their latest operating system Windows 10 centered hugely around enterprises, Microsoft is expected to push the business for upgradation of earlier versions of Windows. Hike in pricing of Windows XP custom support is not all, there are some really attractive features in Window 10 that will be luring the PC users for OS upgradation.

To be on a safer side of the PC usage, it is recommended to use the latest versions of the operating system. An unsupported version of Windows XP no longer receives software updates from Windows Update by Microsoft. These software updates consist of security updates that can help in securing PC from zero-day attacks, harmful viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. Windows Update also installs the latest software updates for new drivers for PC's hardware and more to improve the reliability of Windows.

Almost 16% of the world's PC still use Windows XP citing reasons of easy to operate, non-availability of Windows XP's software drivers in other OS, and the most common reason is 'Windows is still working why should I bother'. Using Windows XP on personal computers without software support might not be a very smart choice even with antivirus installed as Microsoft often states several critical reasons that make Windows XP vulnerable to various PC problems.

As business organization using Windows XP on all official computers, it is even more of a ‘asking for trouble’. For business enterprises, it is advised to upgrade to the latest versions of Windows for they are more secure and productive. With just 2 years of support available for Window XP, the business enterprises are not left with many choices. So, making an early move seems to a better option.

One more option that a Windows XP user can try i.e. subscribing with legitimate third-party technical support providers for all software related solutions. In information technology sector, there are large number of companies who deals in providing software solutions to the users with a subscription amount comparatively low to Microsoft's scheme.

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