Monday, 23 February 2015

How to Protect Your Wireless Router From Malware

Someone said, “Malware in PC world are as certain as death and taxes”. We do agree with it, but what is stunning is the extent up to which malware have reached. To earn illicit money, cyber attackers are not only targeting PC data, passwords, and credit card codes, but they are willing to redirect the links between different website domains. And for that they are spreading malware over the wireless router.

The most common reason for which wireless router are attacked with malware is online advertisements where advertisers pay for each view. Blocking traffic to some website with envious purpose, spreading more viruses, etc. can be other reasons behind such attacks. As a victim of malware attack, what matters more than the reasons is how to protect wireless router from malware.

Here is a quick checklist of the measure that you can adopt to protect your wireless router from the malware:

Keep Your IP Address Secret
Your IP Address is an information of your location, your ISP, etc. Furthermore, the details gathered from IP address can be used to track down the path to your network router. More details the attacker gathers, more likely they are of gaining access to it and penetrate.

Simplest medium of keeping the IP address secret is using dynamic IP address. Installing a third-party software for IP address modification is another good idea.

Firmware Update
Most of the wireless router malware are specific to the manufacturer. This enhances the importance of keeping the firmware upgraded. The manufacturers stay on toes whenever any exploit or attack is raised against them and try to fix the issue at soonest. Being upgraded on firmware means you have the best of what your manufacturer has on offer.

Router Password Protection
Router passwords are among the most ignored passwords. The usual ‘admin123’, ‘administrator’, etc. are the passwords that are set by default and meant to be changed. However, most of the network users do not care much about the router password because they are not aware of the difference between network password and router password. Check the user manual of your router quickly to change the password for your router.

Router Name
As mentioned above, the wireless router malware are manufacturer specific and when the default name of your router is set on its brand, you are prone to severe attack. So, do not forget to check the steps to change the router name from the setting when you look for the steps to change the router name.

Powercycle the Router after making any change
After making any change in the settings, configuration or upgradation of router, make sure that the changes are properly implemented. So, disable the network from router after making any change and then restart the router using the power connections.

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