Monday, 16 February 2015

Antivirus False Flags Forces Tech Giants, Microsoft and Google, Join Hands

World's top tech giants and rivals- Microsoft and Google have joined their hands to work together in tackling the problem of false Antivirus flags that is maligning the image of their company among the users.

Microsoft is reported to have helped VirusTotal, a Google owned anti-malware company, identify more than 6,000 false positives. VirusTotal has been rigorously working on testing of a program called "trusted source". The program is designed to reinforce trust of the users in the antivirus industry by permitting big software developers to share their files so that they can be promptly marked as safe by its antivirus program. If a file is flagged, the company will alarm the developer, which then in turn lets the developer to act quickly and correct the false flag positive.

According to VirusTotal blogpost, “Software developers may face strong business impact as a large portion of their users see their programs rendered unusable which can disable users to finish critical tasks."

On the partnership of top tech giants and rivals to tackle Antivirus false flags problem, users might think that it may douse the fires that rage in the halls of both companies in a competition of rendering various services and projects. However, the relationship between the two giants has never been predictable. ZDNet's Larry Dignan states, “Don't get too carried away by this Google and Microsoft detente. After all, the search giant will still out Microsoft vulnerabilities before they are fixed." He was pointing towards the recent incident in which Google researcher published a flaw in Windows 8.1 openly. The two then slammed each other on the issue repeatedly. At the same time, both Microsoft and Google came together against hotels, who were willing to block personal WiFis.

Considering all these crest and trough of their relationships, only the time could unveil whether the World's top tech giants and arch rivals be at peace with each other or not. But one thing is for sure that both the organizations are quite serious about regaining their customers' trust and care. Another certainty is that neither Microsoft nor Google would like any stain on their reputation that false positive antivirus malware might leave on their company's name.

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