Thursday, 29 January 2015

Malvertising is the Latest Threat to Computer Security

Computer and malware are in an unwanted but inseparable relationship since decades. Many cyber security services are working from dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn endlessly to curb the malware threats. However, cyber villains seem to have endless routes too. They keep finding more and more ways to find the hole or the bypass or something else to disrupt the usage of PC. Cyber experts then have to find the cure for that. This mouse and cat race just keeps going on. Latest lap of this race is a malware that runs within advertisement. Malvertising is the latest threat to computer security.

Malvertising is not adware that keeps popping up advertisements to annoy the users to their core. It is more silent and more aggressive. It is actually malware, which resides inside the online advertisements. Immensity of this malware is so huge that in most of the cases, even the advertiser is not aware of it. The chances, of the visitor being informed, are even lesser.

Malvertising, however, do not try to play with the website it displays as advertisement on. It has a simple aim of targeting the visitor in a very silent manner. On most occasions, malvertising is inserted in the websites, which hosts third-party website. The reason for that is pretty clear- absence of adequate cyber security. Attacker will insert the malicious codes within the advertisement for its operation, usually during the high-traffic time to attack the maximum number of users within a short duration. The malicious code is usually withdrawn very soon as well to stay safe and hidden.

It infects the PC of the users to gain access of the browsing to get fake click on the other advertisements. It targets the click based paid advertisements to earn money for such fake clicks. In some cases, the malware may act as rogue antivirus that threatens about the security risk uselessly to push the users to make payment for better PC security.

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