Friday, 9 January 2015

Incredible 3D Printer Can Create Biscuits on Demand

3D printing has always been fascinating and even after some major developments over the recent years, it keeps offering pleasant surprises. Most recent and perhaps the sweetest surprise of them is from XYZPrinting. Company’s latest product, Food Printer, is an incredible 3D printer that can create biscuits on demand.

The Food Printer requires food ingredient as the raw material for 3D printing, which is shaped into the required size and decoration by it. The 3D created biscuit is not ready for instant consumption and it requires sometime to bake, which is a matter of few minutes. The shape, size and designs for the 3D printed biscuit can be downloaded from the web or USB drive. The Food Printer can be controlled for its operations from the touchscreen panel available on it.

The Food Printer from XYZPrinting was displayed at CES 2015, which has given platform for many innovative technologies to showcase themselves to the world. 3D printing was largely anticipated to contribute for the success of the event by tech experts and the Food Printer has lived up to them quite well. Though biscuit creating 3D printer is not available for the consumers as of now, but those who have checked it out have appreciated it. The consumer prices have not been disclosed yet, but the experts in the field have predicted it to be somewhere close to $2000.

3D printing has developed at a very swift pace in the recent years, but it still remains on the expensive side for most of the customers. But the scenario is changing. The 3D printing industry, which was considered an alien territory for most of the ‘paper printing’ giants has, of late, seen likes of HP developing their own 3D printing technologies. It only made the competition sharper for existing leaders in 3D printing, like XYZPrinting. This competition is overall a good thing as a customer. Customers will get a great range of products with some unique and innovative features at prices that can fit the pocket better. Recently launched, affordable Da Vinci printer (from XYZPrinting) is a good example of it.

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