Friday, 23 January 2015

Windows 10's New Features That Makes it Most Amazing Windows Ever

Everyone was eagerly waiting for the Windows 10 event and when it arrived, it flooded almost all the technology news networks with new features of Windows 10. There were some expected announcements in the event, such as- for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, Windows 10 will be a free update, and at the same time there were some very unexpected ones too, such as: HoloLens to work on Windows 10 in 3D with help of a headset. But what attracted the more attention were Windows 10’ new features.

 Windows 10 might be focusing on enterprises with devices, like- Surface Hub. But there are some amazing user-centric new features of Windows 10. Of all those, we list Windows 10’s new features that makes it most amazing Windows ever.

  1. Cortana
Just say it and Window 10 will do it. Cortana, the personal assistance service, will now be available for both PCs and tablets as well. It was earlier launched for Windows Phone devices only and earned very bright reviews. Now it is even more powerful in Windows 10. Not only it will search the device and the Web for you, but it will do some quick tasks such as composing and sending emails as well. Easy

  1. Project Spartan
Leaks were claiming about Spartan as the new web browser for Windows 10. Leaks were right- ‘Project Spartan’ is the codename for the new web browser that will be helping you surf the web more happily and productively. The web browser is light and fast. Also, it arrives with annotation tool for webpage to share with other using the same web browser.

With Project Spartan, users can clip the webpages and add them to OneDrive account. With so much on offer inSpartan and Microsoft’s earlier decision of ending support for old versions of Internet Explorer, the days for Internet Explorer are certainly counted.

  1. Mobile
Windows 10 will work for all the devices (almost) similarly. The interface for Windows 10 is a little revamped from the earlier ones. But, one might not find the major changes in it. So, why is Mobile compatibility of Windows a reason for you to switch to it. Answer is syncing and universal app. Microsoft is making the best efforts to allow compatibility of cross-platform applications to run on Windows 10 as well. Also, different devices using Windows 10 will be able to sync the data effortlessly.

  1. Gaming
No need to wait for next holiday season sales to buy a new gaming console as you have Xbox within your PC if you install Windows 10. Xbox app will arrive on Windows with all the latest and best for the gamers. What’s even more interesting is that, Xbox is not limited to your PC. It will be supporting and flowing for all the Windows 10 devices.

  1. Office for all
Office suite from Microsoft will be available with the similar interface for all Windows 10 devices, be it your smartphone, PC or tablet. This all-in-one office suite will deliver a great ease to handle documentation, presentation, spreadsheet, etc. based tasks for Window 10 let the software set present almost same formatting and other options. This move was much awaited, especially by the Windows Phone users, as the Office versions for Android and iOS were already appreciated efforts of the company.

  1. Start Menu
We all knew it. Microsoft has realized that all of a sudden ‘take away of usual Start Menu with Windows 8’ was not a smart move. So, we have the old ‘Start Menu’ is new clothes and colors. The Start Menu of Windows 10 is much like the one of Windows 7, but it has got even better with designs and also customization. Live tiles will make the overall experience interesting and still being user-friendly. Way to go!

  1. OneDrive
Nothing new was announced specifically for OneDrive. But ‘oneDrive’ was, perhaps, the most used word during the event, only preceding to ‘Windows 10’. Or maybe third, followed by ‘Microsoft’. But the point is OneDrive is playing crucial role for Windows 10. It will add the keeping the clips from Spartan, sync the music from devices, save documents from Office, etcetera and etcetera. With the final version and fully flourished version of Windows 10 still some months away, OneDrive is expected add more reasons and features to assist you more when you switch to Window 10.

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