Monday, 22 December 2014

Android Apps Hide Windows Malware

In the past, many apps available on Google’s Play Store have been reported of carrying malware that can harm Android devices. But a recent blog from cyber security firm, Malwarebytes has revealed about more dreadful potential of Android apps. According to the blog, some Android apps available on Play Store are threat to Windows PCs.

Such apps follow a very simple but long path in their mission. The apps are reported to be carrying Ramnit, a malware that steals the information from PC. This malware resides incognito in the app as an HTML file. There are various reasons for an app to carry HTML files. Most common of them is ‘About’ of the app, which is not generally suspected. Within Android device, malware resides calmly and do not cause any harm. Even on merely connecting Android device to Windows PC, the malware is not a matter of threat as it does not trigger on its own. Ramnit initiates its malicious actions only when the file carrying the malware is executed.

Finding and stealing the data from Windows PC involves few more steps. Once the Ramnit is executes, it can replicate into the PC and the infection can still harm the PC even when the Android device is disconnected.

There are different versions of Ramnit and its effects vary among them. The reported apps have been removed from the Play Store, but downloading an app from non-trustable source is never recommended. In times when, 99% of mobile malware are targeting Android devices, choosing an unreliable app is always asking for trouble.

Safest way for survival on cyber world is installing reliable and trustworthy antivirus on your Windows PC and Android as well. You can find some of the trustable antivirus apps for Android here.

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