Monday, 3 November 2014

HP 3D Printer : Faster and Accurate 3D Printing With Multi Jet Fusion Technology

Hewlett Packard (or HP) unveiled its new 3D printer that is expected to reach the market in 2016. The news has excited all those who belong to the 3D printing industry for its amazingly faster and accurate 3D printing abilities. HP Inc. showcased that this printer can print 3D objects almost 10 times faster than other best 3D printing technologies available currently.

The project is based on Multi jet Fusion Process, which promises not only the vast improvement in the 3D printing speed, but also the precision quality to manifolds. Other common technologies that are practiced by other 3D printers in the industry are Material Extrusion and Laser Sintering. Among them Laser Sintering is more advanced in terms of speed and precision.

As per the data presented by HP during the unveiling event, Laser Sintering offers an accuracy of 200 to 400 microns which is easily outdone by HP’s 3D printer by producing 1000 gears at an accuracy of 20 microns. HP 3D Printer was able to print these gears in a 3 hours. What is more interesting is that Laser Sintering can produce the same in close to 38 hours. This performance is nothing short of revolutionary for 3D printing industry. HP also boosted about its printer’s other qualities relating to the color control and material control in the printing.

HP has been enjoying a great market all over the globe for its paper printers and it is challenged by only a few competitors. The move into the 3D printing was anticipated in the early half of the current year, but the plans were delayed as the company separated it’s desktop and printer manufacturing from software and IT services. Though the jump is late but long enough.

However, there are some more technical aspects will come into consideration before the real success of the product could be determined. First and most important one is price. HP has not declared the pricing of 3D printer yet. Hopes are high that it will be declared close to its launch. Other pending part of the story would be efficiency and power consumption. With the industry greatly making moves for green and ecofriendly products, there is no doubt HP will have to make serious efforts too. Well! We need to wait till the more is revealed on it, and what other competitors will come up with.

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