Friday, 21 November 2014

How to Avoid Tech Support Scams and Frauds?

Live PC Expert, a BBB accredited business, is one of the renowned and reputed tech support providers for PC software issues. Live PC Expert has always focused on delivering with a customer-centric approach, which could be considered as the reason that within a few business years we enjoy a strong customer-hold in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Of late, we received some complaints from the customers reporting about the scammers who used the name of Live PC Expert to try and fool them. Our regular customers are able to sense the difference in the service standards and report us about it. However, there are some instances where scammers are successfully able to cheat the customers and make ill-gained business. Such hapless cases leave us helpless.

The tech support industry has seen an upsurge in the number of tech support providing companies in the recent years. Reason being the increased requirement of computer and advancement in internet technology. However, the cause of concern is that the number of tech support scams and frauds have also raised. Remote tech support companies usually remain physically unavailable for the user as telephonic and internet connectivity are the main source of their communication. This allows the scammers and frauds to use the name of established tech support providers for their own benefits. No doubt some of the scams and frauds have tried to target customers of Live PC Expert as well.

Being a legitimate tech support service provider, Live PC Expert is working effortlessly to keep the tech support industry clean and free from scams and frauds. Working on the same track, we would like to share some useful guidelines that can help you choose the genuine services and avoid tech support scams and frauds:

When you receive a call claiming to be a genuine tech support provider, make sure that the number is listed on their website. You can also dial up the toll free number of the service provider and verify if the received call was genuine.
Do not entertain any private email address considering it a tech support provider as most of the tech support companies use their official domain in the emails. Be cautious about the spelling changes in the domain. 
    For example: In order to misuse the name of Microsoft, fraud mail might use                     ‘’, ‘’, etc. as domain.
One of the most common method used by scammers is informing customers about the expiry of their tech support account and asking them for renewal. Sometimes they even try to convince you to renew your subscription before time. Keep a check on your account information by logging in to the official website of the tech support provider and never share the log in details with anyone.
Do not forget to look for the recognitions and achievements of the company on its website and verify them.

If you are an existing customer of Live PC Expert, and you smell a rat you can always reach us via:

  • Live Chat
  • Email support:
  • Toll Free UK: 800-546-0228, USA: 800-208-0798
  • Calling Card (for registered users only)
Live PC Expert is available for you 24x7, 365 days a year.

Of all the contact mediums, we recommend customers to prefer using Calling Card for its high-end standards of convenience and reliability.

[Note: considering every customer valuable, be it of Live PC Expert or any other organization, this is a selfless effort from Live PC Expert to advise them for their safety against such scams.]

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