Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Microsoft’s Windows 10 can be a Formidable Choice for Enterprise

Microsoft has taken the curtain off from, perhaps, its most awaited versions of operating system- Windows 10. Market predictors expected its name to be‘Windows 9’, and it has been part of technical news for more than months before any official announcement. Series of leaks and speculations over the interface and utility were being discussed.

Finally, on 30 September, 2014, Microsoft Corp. showcased Windows 10 operating system. After the dismal performance of Windows 8 (and 8.1), Microsoft had to come up with something exceptional to assert its monopoly among PC operating systems and going by the initial buzz, it has delivered it with many additional surprises. Firstly, naming it‘Windows 10’ and skipping ‘9’ is a smart move to indicate that the operating system version has taken a big leap from the previous version.

But the market is not all about names- and it is the package of features that matters. On that ground, Microsoft’s Windows 10 can be a formidable choice for enterprise. Other than ‘Mobile-first, Could-first’ strategy, the latest version has appeared with strong motives to get the grip over enterprises back.

Windows 10 has made revisions on the fallacy that drew enterprises away from Windows 8. Here are some of the big changes with Windows 10 that will attract enterprises back to Windows operating system:

  • Starting with the ‘Start Menu’. Users will now get back the Start Menu as an evergreen pop up. Irritation and frustration of previous version’s Start Menu with mousepad and keyboard devices is eradicated. Another good thing is the style and beauty of Windows 8’s tiles is still prevalent. So, users will find switching to Windows 10 ‘a landing in beautified homeland’.
  • Snap Enhancement is a fancy feature that lets you easily customize the size of different apps to make multitasking simpler and user friendly. Hence, it will increase productivity. Microsoft is focused to bring the same core-code app development for different devices on same operating system to keep the users updated with new apps conveniently.
  • Multiple Desktop is another productivity improving feature that saves the desktop from getting clumsy while working on multiple files together. You can create multiple desktop and work on the files separately in a simpler and cleaner mode. 
  • Windows 10 offers versatile device compatibility for phones, tablets, Xbox, desktops, touch laptops, etc. Different feature choices for touch and non-touch devices will let users enjoy computing on whatever device user is working on and will be able to adapt easily.
  • Microsoft is expected to offer free upgrade to Windows 10 for Windows 8 users. This will help Microsoft build a healthy market goodwill and woo those customers who did not enjoy the Windows 8 much.

Microsoft has kept a straightforward ideology of keeping the new version productive and user-friendly, along with parallelly improved security. It has done a wonderful job in keeping the goods from the previous version intact and mixing them up some smart and needed improvement. The technical preview of the Windows 10 will be available on 1 October, 2014.

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