Thursday, 9 October 2014

Google’s Music Streaming is Just Round the Corner

Music is passion for many people. But don`t you think, there must be passion in music streaming service as well? Most of the heavyweight in the computing technical industry considers it very important, so each of them own one. Apple has two of them- Beats and iTunes, Microsoft has Xbox Music, Amazon owns Amazon MP3, and soon the list will expand further as Google’s music streaming is just round the corner.

Google already owns a ‘not so fancy’ Google Play Music, a music streaming section of Google Play, but it is restricted to US and UK. However, Google’s decision to make a serious jump into the music streaming service war has nothing to do with Google Play Music. Instead, the new service is going to revolve around YouTube. Undoubtedly, YouTube is one of the greatest video collection, which includes music videos as well and the features for video streaming are also excellent. But it misses many features that keep it from being a genuine music streaming service, for example: users created playlist.

The most popular video streaming website from Google will come up with some interesting changes very soon. Choosing a list of songs to be played is going to be one of them. As reported by Reuters, Google's VP of Digital Content, Jamie Rosenberg, said the initiation of music stream service is related to the Google’s acquisition of Songza at the end of June this year. This statement indicates that the monthly subscription charges for full access may cost around $10, as Songza used to offer the same rights at $9.99.

Google has stamping authority in many online services, like: search engine, mail, cloud service, etc., and has gone through many ups and a few downs. So, Google enjoys a very strong existing customer base, and it is likely that Google’s music streaming service will get a good market share. But the another face of the story is that online music streaming is not a red-hot market war zone as of now and the number of users are very much countable. So, overall numeration of customers might not be sky touching.

The news of Google’s plan for online music streaming service has fueled up the predictions for its market performance, even before any official unveiling of product features. Though, the real scenario still lies unfolded in the lap of future and users will have to wait till it is really launched.

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