Monday, 20 October 2014

Google’s Advertising Will Receive Strong Challenge From Facebook’s Atlas

Google has been the most influencing player in digital advertising for many years, but now Google’s Advertising will receive strong challenge from Facebook. Recently, Facebook has relaunched Atlas, an advertising server that was purchased from Microsoft in February last year. However, the service was on rest since then, as no any serious task was employed for it. With the Facebook’s recent display of interest in digital advertising, the relaunch of Atlas was largely anticipated.

Facebook and many other digital champs have tried and tested many different advertising, but Google was hardly felt any competition. Major strength behind the supreme success of Google is its DoubleClick ad serving server. An ad-server is a complete kit of tools that are used for advertising and analyzing the performance of ad campaigns. DoubleClick tracks and understands the cookies of a system in the most advanced manner, which looks too tender but actually, is too strong to compete for others. Cookies are the best way to grasp the browsing and thus, advertisement can be targeted accordingly.

But here is a catch with Google’s DoubleClick. It is capturing the browsing preference of system, and not of the user. Also, the cookies are not equally precise for mobile browsing. So, the targeted advertising is “not so productive” for mobile devices. It is overall a great lacking because the technological empire is quickly shifting its preference to mobile devices.

This is where Atlas from Facebook will try to conquer the battle of digital advertising. Atlas will look for the user information from Facebook and it’s products, like Facebook profile details etc. So that, it can directly target the users, regardless of how many users use that particular device. Another major advantage with Facebook is that it can explore the mobile users. With many mobile based products, such as: Slingshot, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc., Facebook has a very broad use of Atlas. It implies Atlas appears to be resolving both the limitations of DoubleClick.

Many online marketing experts boasted about the launch of Atlas. Most of them agree that Google’s Advertising will receive strong challenge from Facebook’s Atlas. Even without much of testing and results, Atlas has earned a very positive hype in the market for its features. Quite a strong marketing!

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