Thursday, 16 October 2014

6 Software That Add Guts to Windows PC

Microsoft Windows is the most used operating system for desktop and laptop computers. Close to the completion of successful three decades walk since the launch of its first version in 1985, Microsoft Windows recently unveiled its latest version as Windows 10. For all these years, Windows has progressed a lot with some very amazing features that matches almost everyone’s need. Be it a professional, a student, or a gamer Microsoft Windows has a lot to woo them all and Windows 10 looks more dedicated to impress the enterprises. But as we know, nothing is perfect. Not even windows. There is always a scope of improvement and betterment. That is why, we list you these 6 software that add guts to Windows PC:

1. Antivirus:
Harsh truth of computing world is ‘PC is always under threat’. Most common threat is presence of millions of malware that include virus, worms, spyware, ransomware, trojans, and many more. For these millions of PC threats, there are thousands of different ways to play havoc with your Windows PC. And the most basic way to protect your Windows PC is antivirus program. So, make sure that antivirus is always installed in your Windows PC and updated.

2. Web Browser
World is shrinking to internet and web browser is most comfortable conveyance to travel this world. Windows operating system carries Internet Explorer as default web browser and its latest versions are very interesting too. But there are many reason that indicates that Internet Explorer is not as reliable, flexible, convenient and productive as other opponents such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. So, for a regular explorer of internet, shifting to other web browsers on Windows PC is more than smart idea.

3. Office Suite
Even if you are not an office-goer, office suite is more than a important part of Window PC usage. A combination of text editor/word processor, spreadsheet, presentation maker, etc. is required for almost all PC users here and there. Some versions of Windows PC bring Microsoft Office built-in, otherwise purchasing it is not a bad idea as well. Many PC users consider Microsoft Office an expensive suite, so googling for some other free or cheaper office suite should be good alternative.

4. Backup Program
You have a PC and it has data that you have been collecting since long. PC data can be job related documents, summer trip’s photographs, current science project, vast movie collection, etc. Depending on the users different type of data has different values and perhaps, none of them will readily accept instant loss of data. But this can happen.

Windows operating system crash, virus attack, and system hack are some of the reasons that may cause loss of data in PC. Installing a reliable backup program in Windows PC can come in more than handy to keep the data safe even in such situation. Introduction of cloud computing for data backup has made backup programs even more powerful.

5. Media Player
Windows PCs are commonly used for entertainment purpose. And the recent upsurge in video sharing has made videos more important than just entertainment and videos are now a source of learning and research as well. Thus, importance of media player cannot be denied by any user.

Windows operating system has Windows Media Player as its default media player that can play both audio and video, but it has certain limitations, such as online media streaming, subtitle support, number of supported formats, etc. There are many third party media players (for example: VLC, Real Player, etc.) that can cover up for these issues and choosing them is a better move.

6. Utility Software
Disk Fragmentation, File repetition, chunk of Temporary File, etc. are some silent performance killers for Windows PC. Installing utility software and regularly checkup using it can repair all such issues within time space of some minutes.

Free Tips:
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