Friday, 19 September 2014

Have You Also Heard that Live PC Expert is a Rip Off??

 Does not it pique the interest of those who are quite concerned about the legitimacy and quality of the services of a company about its being rip off or not?

Well! You might have got a chance to read that Live PC Expert is a rip off, but you might not have experienced it.

After looking at the rip off report for Live PC Expert we were equally jolted with shock and wondered how come a legitimate and honest company can be the victim of the rip off report against it.

To talk about the rip off report filed against Live PC Expert, we noticed that the customer contacted some other company, named, ‘Live PC Care’ instead of contacting ‘Live PC Expert’ and unfortunately filed a rip off report against ‘Live PC Expert’, whereas he should have filed against ‘Live PC Care’. Hence, we went for a through observation and analysis of the facts which could somehow be the reasons for a false rip off report against Live PC Expert and found certain galvanized facts. To mention the two measure parts:

  • Our study proved that a lot of websites are illegally using our content on their websites, which is really very misleading for a naive customer.
  • The most shattering fact which came up is that there are a lot of companies which have been using the much popular brand name ‘Live PC Expert’ openly on their websites.
Looking at the above written results of our study, one thing is pretty clear that when we ask the naive customers to confirm whether they have been duped by Live PC Expert or by some other company, they confirm it because they can easily find the name of ‘Live PC Expert’ used indiscriminately on fraud websites. It is really awe-full on the part of the hoax companies who are misusing the good will of a company like Live PC Expert and hurting the feelings of Live PC Expert`s invaluable customers.

Hence, the reasons of a false rip off report against Live PC Expert are clear as chalk and cheese.
However, being a customer centric company we would never like our esteemed and naive customers to fall prey in the hands of gyp companies and would strongly recommend the following things:

  • Whenever you receive a call claiming that they are calling from Live PC Expert, kindly make sure that it is the same number given on our website, ‘’
  • In case, you receive an email stating that it is from Live PC Expert, kindly make sure that it is the same official id which is given on our website
  • In absence of internet connectivity, you can always confirm by dialing our toll free number provided on our website, ‘’.

To mention a little about Live PC Expert:

  • It is a flourishing sprout of iN Technologies which is a proud NASSCOM member and Microsoft Silver Certified Partner.
  • We are a PCI compliant company as per PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards), wherein all the calls are duly recorded and our payments methods are secure. (Refer for link)
  • We are SSL(Secure SocketLayer) certified 128 bit encrypted https website which means that it establishes a secure session link between the visitor’s web browser and our website so that all communications transmitted through this link are encrypted and are, therefore, secure.
  • We use Electronic Contracts as a proof of registration with our customers which clearly indicate our terms and condition as well as refund policy.
  • We use LogMeIn Rescue that keeps a clear record & details at their server for all the procedures performed by us. (Refer for Logo)

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