Thursday, 28 August 2014

‘Poweliks’ Malware That Disguises Itself Among Windows Registry

G Data Security Labs have found a very powerful malware, named ‘Poweliks’ that operates from Windows Registry. Such malware are rarely found, but they can prove very dangerous for PC security, because they are hard to be detected using common antivirus protection. The intensity of the damage it can cause lies with the attacker’s will and skill as the malware is capable of even allowing a remote access to the attacker.

Strength of Poweliks lies in its residence: registry in Windows. This is just like a terrorist residing in disguise among top army officials. Windows registry is storage of information and activities of software installed, hardware connected, setting tunings, etc. Overall, registry contains all the operations that Windows execute and they are updated continually.

Registry is so critical for Windows that even Microsoft states- “An incorrect change to your computer's registry could render your computer inoperable”. This is the reason, why most of the antivirus tend to avoid ticklings with registry. Poweliks uses this fact to its strength and disguises itself among Windows registry. Now, all the changes it will make to the system will not need to create a special file, so the antivirus protection will not be able to diagnose the system error.

Poweliks is quite a smartly built malware that can even use internet connection to download more files that will grant access to the attacker to implement what he is willing to do. Once under the access of attacker, your PC hardly stands any chance of hiding any bit of information.

Malware developers are working continuously to develop more power and dangerous malware. Similarly, antivirus developers are also working to find such threat and implement a protection. These new implementations are executed with antivirus as updates. So, it is very important to keep your antivirus up-to-date for a befitting PC security.

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