Monday, 4 August 2014

Fake Google Messenger Reads Your Texts, Records Your Calls

Famous technical news website, PCMag has reported about a malicious messenger app that masked itself as Google’s messenger. Malicious app named itself as “Google Korea IM”, and it did not feature on Google Play store. Its name is in itself very much indicative that the target of this app is Korea. More than disguised name what’s more interesting about this app is - it’s ability of tracking information from the smartphone used.

‘Google Korea IM’, the fake Google messenger reads your texts, records your calls, collects your contacts list from phonebook, and then sends them to an unidentified account on Dropbox. The app was not a very high-mind creation, and it simply asked for the admin rights for performing these actions on the device from the user itself. Considering it as Google’s own app, most users might not even give a second thought before allowing it the rights to gain all it wanted to.

It does not track the geographical location which seems to be a missout in this app compared to other such detail tracing apps. Traces of such apps regularly appear on different app stores and sometimes, even on Google Play store (read about a fake banking app pulled from Google Play). Still, it is advised that one should download apps only from Google Play. Some other steps that a user can take to safeguard against the malicious apps are:
  • Install and update trustworthy anti-malware or antivirus on your smartphone.
  • Choose the apps cautiously.
  • Do not allow any unnecessary permissions to the apps.

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