Monday, 28 July 2014

Tips to Protect Your Smartphone From Cyberterrorism

Cyberterrorism is a determined attack on computer or cellular system targeted to effect the banking industry, military installations, air traffic controllers, or related services. However, internet is the most prevalent medium used to cause financial damages or physical violence by Cyber terrorism.

It was for many years aimed at computers alone, but lately, the focus has shifted largely to the smartphones. Reason for it could be the sudden rise in number of smartphone users due to the advancement in smartphone technology at cheaper prices. ‘Not so enhanced’ security and easier internet connectivity has further helped the cause of cyberterrorists. But as a target, it hardly makes a sense for us to dig deep in to such fact about cyberattack.

What matter is ‘steps to protect’. Different cybersecurity agencies are actively working to control these attacks. However, for an individual, here are some tips to protect your smartphone from cyberterrorism:

  • A trustable and updated antivirus support is a must installed.
  • Regularly update your smartphone’s software, if available.
  • Change your important(such as email, net banking) passwords regularly and try not to save them on your smartphone.
  • Since, the fake-banking and fake-antivirus apps are major weapons of attack, you must choose such apps carefully.
  • Stay aware with the news and security updates regarding latest cyberterrorism-related activity, and follow the precautionary measures.
  • Try not to follow links received from unknown or suspicious email addresses.
  • While connecting your smartphone with any PC, make sure the PC is trustable and protected against the virus and malware.
  • Stay alert while making cash transactions: check website’s digital certificate, try to make purchase from reputed merchants.

However, if you want to protect your PC from cyberterrorist attack, you can contact Live PC Expert for PC Security services via:

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