Friday, 25 July 2014

Do Android Users Really Need Malware Protection?

Android is an open source operating system for touch screen devices (most commonly used in smartphones). Android powered mobile devices are most used compared to any other operating system in the current generation. Developed by Google, Android has many features that make it “high-on-demanding”, but on many occasions it’s been in news for being targeted by malware attacks.

Security of Android has always been a hot topic for technical debaters, but recently, Lead Engineer for Android Security at Google, Andrian Ludwig added fuel to the fire with his comment that risk of malware apps on Android is just ‘exaggerated’. He also indicated that installing an antivirus for protection is not needed for Android.

Only a few of cybersecurity experts seem to have agreed to this. In the times when some studies have revealed that 99 Percent of Mobile Malware Targets Android, the comment of Mr. Ludwig seems to be close to absurd. Even if we consider his point that only ‘genuine apps’ should be downloaded, and that too, from ‘reliable stores’, then we have heard of the news about some malware being pulled from Google Play.

Overall, it is still a tough world to survive without antivirus, but here are a few precautionary measures that you can adopt for protection of Android without antivirus:
  • Use Android’s built-in security scan for all the apps you choose.
  • Carefully choose the app- check its source, reviews, etc. before downloading.
  • Never choose an app from untrustworthy store.

However, it is always recommended to install an updated antivirus for protecting your devices against malware.

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