Thursday, 17 July 2014

Banking Malware Pulled From Google Play

Lookout Mobile Security have found a malware app in Google Play store that resembles a mobile banking application and gains account login information. The malware named as BankMirage, targeted an Israel based bank Mizrahi Bank to access the information about the customer IDs of the users.

In the later half of June this year, Lookout posted in its blog that the malware Bank Mirage was redistributed on the Google Play store claiming itself as the official app of Mizrahi Bank. The malware smartly carried a trick to steal the customer ID of the user during an attempt to login with a phishing attack. After login attempt, the app showed a message about the failure to login and also suggested to get an legitimate app for the bank.

Strangely, the malware did not tried to steal the password. The attacker intended to collect only the customer IDs and not the passwords, which has raised concerns. It gives signs that attacker was just testing the trick and maybe be planning to come up with something more intense in the future.

However for present, Google had immediately removed the app from the store, soon after they were informed about the malware by Lookout. Banking malware is pulled from Google Play but it does not give any certainty that there will be no such issue in the future.

Mobile security services suggest that for the near future, it will take more of human efforts to safeguard against such malware. To mention a few about the precautionary measures you may take is:
  • If the search for your banking app shows more than one result then you need to manually judge the correct app.
  • You can check for spellings as the fake apps appear with the wrong spellings usually.
  • You can also try app-scanning security solutions (for example: Lookout) on your smartphone to detect such fraud apps.
The core of stealing the account detail was by implementing the phishing attack, which is equally possible for desktop and laptops users. You can safeguard your PC against such malware attacks with the quality tech support for removal of malware, spyware, and adware from Live PC Expert. To know more about our tech support services, reach us via:

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