Monday, 23 June 2014

How can I Protect my Windows PC from Malware?

Malware is a malicious software, that can create problems with your computer`s operations by damaging stored data, getting access to private files, etc..The affect of Malware may range from unnoticeable effects to complete loss of data and operating system. In case you think that you have installed a genuine Operating System on your PC, hence, malware can not generate automatically, then you are wrong, because these can reach your PC while:

  • Surfing the infectious webpage
  • Downloading an infected file
  • Connecting to an infected device etc.

Now, avoiding all of these may not be possible all the time. Another harsh truth is that even if someone manage to avoid all these, a smart attacker can still gift them a malware using various methods. These software rarely require user permissions before installation or some of them may not require installation at all.

Computing world can not be a malware-free world (not at least in the near future), but there are certain steps that can be adopted to protect your Windows PC against malware. However, to mention a few:

  • Install a trusted anitvirus program in your PC and keep it updated
  • Keep web browsers and Operating System updated for security fixes and bug repairs
  • Avoid clicking untrusted links and downloads
  • Try not to follow links received from unknown email addresses
  • Use only genuine software and download them from trusted links only
  • Scan all the external devices(such as USBs) soon after connecting

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