Tuesday, 6 May 2014

99 Percent of Mobile Malware Targets Android

Despite of tremendous number of advancements in technology, the variety of malware attack is increasing tremendously and the 99 percent of the mobile malware targets Android. The more the number of users of Android are increasing, the more Android malware is getting sophisticated. What is more noteworthy about malware attack is that it is more difficult to detect and remove these at an early stage. More interestingly, these malware attempt to:
  • Text messages to the premium numbers
  • Introduce various types of things which can result into money making scams etc.

In order to make your Android mobile run smoothly, you have to be aware of the sources from which you can directly drag the malware into your mobile. To mention a few precautions in this direction:
  • Try to download or purchase apps from trusted stores like Google Play store
  • Use a screen lock so that others can't access your device
  • Set-up Android Device Manager, it will help you in changing the password of your device remotely and will be very helpful in case of theft of your Android mobile 
  • Download security applications like antivirus 
In this way the Android users have to be extra conscious and alert while using their Android devices for decreasing the vulnerability of their devices; otherwise malware can really make their experience of using them bad and ultimately affect their work.

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*Note - This blog is for information purpose and we do not provide support for Android devices. We provide software tech support for PC, Printers and related peripherals only.

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