Wednesday, 21 May 2014

3D Printer and Its Advantages

Unlike the common printers, the object is printed by using three dimensions on a 3D printer. It can also be called as a prototyping machine which prototypes 3D models of almost any shape or geometric feature, be it making a prototype of a chocolate or a shoe or even a part of printer itself. 
One thing I need to mention here is that 3D Printers came into existence decades before and it used to be very expensive. It is nothing but the needs of this tech savvy world that made the market of 3D Printers so flourishing and happening that the prices of these printers melted down.
The experience of 3D printing is thrilling and gives an all new experience of seemingly magic process. Let us take a slight view of the steps involved in 3D printing.
  • Making a virtual of the object or thing supposed to be created made, using a 3D modeling program or 3D scanner
  • Making a 3D digital copy of the supposed object and putting it into a 3D modeling program
  • Slicing the final model into hundreds or thousands of horizontal layers to prepare it for printing
  • Uploading the prepared file in the 3D printer
  • Finally, the 3D printer, reading every slice, creates the three dimensional object layer by layer without leaving any visible sign of layering.  
Advantages of 3-D Printing : 
To mention a few:
  • Its response time is shorter 
  • Working models can be constructed within hours of time instead of waiting for days using 3D Printer
  • It is cost effective and generating prototypes for a wide variety of projects using these printers is easier and cheaper than making molds.
  • The object is created with a superior surface finish and are durable
  • Provides functional models which look like the real thing
In this way there is a lot that 3D printers can offer you with and can almost create a cutting edge in the world of printing. 3D printing is also known as ‘stereo lithography’ or ‘additive manufacturing’. As of now, the main drawback of this 3D printer is its high cost and the time it may take in preparing an exact model of an object depending on the complexity of the object to be created. This does not mean that no alternative simplified 3D printer is available in the market, but these printers designed for home use are not so accurate as professional 3D printer. If we talk about learning 3D printing, well, it may take time to study and practice for the same. Let us hope that soon such miraculous printers would affordable enough to buy for an individual.

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