Friday, 11 April 2014

How To Avoid Online Scams

“How to avoid online scams?’ is a frequently asked question by internet users and those who have been victims of any online scam in one way or other. In a venture to earn profit or achieve success online most of the people get scammed online. There are end number of kinds of online scams, to mention a few:
  • Online Purchase frauds and Money transfer fraud
  • Online Charity fraud and Click fraud
  • Internet marketing and retail fraud
  • Internet ticket fraud
  • Online Phishing etc.

Now, the question is- Is it possible to avoid scams online? Well! The answer is yes, if you remain conscious and alert while making any online deal or signing any online contract. You may avoid online scamming by adopting the following obvious measures:
  • Avoid believing every online testimonial and read the fine print on offers carefully
  • Avoid automatically connecting your PC with non preferred networks in any case
  • Avoid clicking on a twitter link from an unknown follower without checking out his profile
  • Avoid clicking any illegitimate link for removing virus, instead use an updated and legitimate Anti-Virus for scanning your PC
  • Avoid making a business deal with the companies that cannot offer you an easy way to get in touch with you on their sales page
  • Avoid trusting outrageous claims of success by illegitimate websites etc.

By now it would be very clear to the readers of this blog that all they need to do to avoid being scammed online is that they have to be quite decisive and conscious. You might have heard “Rome was not built in a day”, and if any website claims to make you successful overnight, that is impossible and nothing but trying to scam you. Thus, beware of such scammers online and save yourself and your hard earned money. 

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