Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Google Glass - Praises and Criticisms

Since its release in February 2013, Google Glass has been in the news all along. Like every other gadget of advanced technology, Google Glass too has had its fair share of praises and criticisms. Technically speaking Google Glass is a wearable technology based eyewear which is actually a computer with OHMD (Optical Head Mounted Display). Using voice commands, a user has the ability to operate this gadget hands free. Let us have look at some of its cool features - 
  • Use Google Maps
  • Use Google Now 
  • Read emails and text messages
  • Taking Pictures
  • Recording videos
  • Live Video Sharing
  • Find information via internet
  • Language translation and more...

Google Glass, though released in 2013, had a prototype made in the year 2011. Google Glass in its early stages of usage and release collected a lot of praise. It was even said to be used in a medical surgery. 

Some Praise Facts:
  • Recognized by Times Magazine as one of the “Best Inventions of 2012”
  • In December 2013, Google Glass was incorporated to be worn by over 1500 people to David Datuna’s contemporary work of art.
  • Used in a live surgical procedure on June 20’ 2013 in Venezuela
  • Mutualink plans to demonstate the use of Google Glass in Police Officers or Firefighters via real time two way video audio communication
Even after having so may features, being praised so much and being used a great deal in health care field, Google Glass has had its big share of criticisms. So what exactly are those criticisms and what is the reason behind them, is something we will now have a look at. 


Let us straight away jump on to certain things on the basis of which the Google Glass is or can be disliked:
  • It may lead to privacy issues
  • It may destroy the anonymity factor where required
  • Risk of unwanted surveillance 
  • It has in many cases lead to unnecessary violence because people are afraid of possibilities the Google Glass wearer might have access to which may harm the other person in some way or lead to some kind of defamation.
  • Violations of certain professional pacts like Doctor - Patient confidentiality agreements or Attorney - Client privilege etc.
So the point to understand is that every change brings with it its share of praises and criticisms. Therefore, the best way is to use technology to its potential but wisely. 

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