Friday, 31 January 2014

Consumer Complaints for Live PC Expert

Live PC Expert, like any other leading organization, has had its share of goodwill and criticism. But when it comes to consumer complaints for Live PC Expert, it is a logical thing to first investigate and then come to a conclusion. Because when it comes to writing a complaint, anybody can do it; but the purpose behind doing it and backing up with substantial proof, is what counts. To say it in a simpler way we can say that an accusation without a proof is no good.


There was one such case that will illuminate you on the above statement. There was this case in which a person posted a complaint for Live PC Expert. This post is on Ripoff Report, wherein if one carefully reads it, one would be able to clearly see that the complaint mentioned is about a company called “Live PC Care” and not “Live PC Expert”. The person posting the complaint says – 
“Googled Live PC Care   rip off and found the following   Live PC Care is a fake antispyware application that performs bogus online scans and reports threats and infections to the user.”

So it is quite clear and evident that person posting the complaint was talking about Live PC Care but accidently confused the name with our company. “Live PC Care” is a different company and is in no way related to “Live PC Expert”. So, though it might be unintentional, but the person accused incorrectly. Thus, the consumer complaint for Live PC Expert was false. Live PC Expert is a completely legitimate and genuine organization. It strictly adheres to its business ethics and provides high quality customer service. 

Positive Live PC Expert feedback and reviews can be seen clearly on various online places like Facebook page of Thus, Live PC Expert is not scam and false consumer complaints for Live PC Expert cannot tarnish its good image.

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